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Areas of Expertise


Research & Statistical Consulting

I am a #statsnerd. I have always had a deep love of learning. I chose a career in research specifically because it allows me to always keep learning. I have expertise in advanced quantitative methods including multiple regression, structural equation modeling, multidimensional scaling, and hierarchical linear modeling using software such as SPSS and Mplus. 



Being a productive and efficient writer is not a skill typically taught in graduate programs. It is a skill, like any other, that must be learned and practiced. And like any new skill, it requires commitment, vigilance, and support. My writing coaching consists of bi-weekly coaching calls. Together we will map out a current project and break it down into manageable chunks. We will set long and short-term goals that you will track daily.



One of my greatest love is writing. But it was not always this way. With so much unstructured time, it was difficult for me, as it is for many academics, to prioritize projects and to actually sit down and write. They say one of the most intimidating things to face as a writer is the blank page. Through my own personal experience and my research into the psychology of productivity and writing, I have ample experience busting through the external and internal barriers that gets in the way of our writing.


Speaking engagements 

I am available for speaking engagements and workshops to discuss my own research as well as writing for academia. I have spoken to both student and faculty groups, as well as non-profits and businesses.


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