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Taking the Punishment out of Discipline

Many people have a difficult relationship with discipline, myself included! But discipline doesn’t have to be about punishment. If used as a teaching and learning opportunity, even with yourself, you can cultivate greater self-love and freedom in your life.

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Annette Ponnock
Don't Feed the Ego by Playing Small

I've been so worried about not coming off as egotistical and yet playing small like this is feeding the ego and making it stronger! Not acting or sharing or speaking strengthens the ego’s fear that we will be judged and it makes the ego right, it makes the ego stronger. Feeding the ego isn’t always about telling someone how fantastic they are. And for the many of us who deal with imposter syndrome, telling us how fantastic we are can actually feel like quite an affront to the ego.

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How to Get Unstuck Like an Educational Psychologist

I’ve really been struggling with my motivation for weeks. Finally, today I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m a motivation researcher. Let me use my research on myself.” I was reviewing an article that used Self-Determination Theory (SDT) by Ryan and Deci so that presented itself as an appropriate theory to use for my self-analysis.

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Annette Ponnock